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Calcul8er.. ZOMFGWTF?!

Ok, so I wanted a new blog.. wait a NEW blog? Nooooo not another one..

Oh yeah, maybe you havent heard but I'm real good at making new blogs, I used to make a new one each month caus each month I made a blog about something else. But when I started Babbling Bryan Blog, a ripp-off Babbling Bryan Show, I thought I found solid ground. Eghhhh (Wrong anwser noise)!!! Guess again!

So I reaalllly hope that I do have a permanant blog with this. Simple Title, Easy to remember and totally topic related; GEEK!

So a little more info on the name. The adress (at the moment?) is http://calcul8ter.blogspot.com as in a g33ksp34k verion of Calculator.
And really, what is more geeky then a calculator? At least I thought. Well anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog.

Ohw btw, my blog is not about posting Geek news.. more about posting my opinion about geek news! Enjoy :D

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