Guide to Infinite Crisis

Ok so before you start reading this little amateur guide I want to play open cards with you here. I’m 15 years old, and I don’t have enough money to buy everything I want… who does? So I download comics, yes indeed, it’s true, I download comics. But not be to mad yet because I also buy them, the ones I really like. It’s just that I can’t buy everything that gets a good review or looks cool because some times there not and then I’ve spend my money on something worthless to me. So rest assured, I’m not a total n00b I also buy comics.

Let’s start! So I assume that you are a total newbie in Infinite Crisis, or you just don’t know much about the current state of the DC Universe. Either way, you’ve come here for a reason; You want help in how and where to start if you want to read and understand the Infinite Crisis. I’m only going to tell you what I’ve read, and what worked for me. If it’s not working for you, then don’t blame me for it.

For starters you are going to have to read DC Countdown (to Infinite Crisis). It’s a single issue, and it contains 80 pages for only a single buck! If you can’t find it anywhere in a comic store then you can always visit Wikipedia which is a very helpful friend in our journey to Infinite Crisis. So read the summary of Countdown, or buy the single issue and then you’ve pretty much read the prologue to Infinite Crisis.
Although it was enough to start for me, I’ve heard comic readers (who had much more knowledge then me) saying that another great jumping on point is Identity Crisis, which is a miniseries. So choose what ever works for you.

Next up is the Countdown to Infinite Crisis. After the 80 page single issue prologue thingy, DC published a few Mini Series which were all other aspects of the development of the crisis itself. I have chosen for the OMAC project, and until now I haven’t read any other mini series. That means that for me OMAC project was all it took, but again what ever works for you. There is also Day of Vengeance, Rann-Thanagar War, Return of Donna Troy (now Wikipedia) and Villians United. And yet again, for these comics also applies the rule;
If you can’t get a hold of it in the store, read a summary at Wikipedia (click on the miniseries name for a link).
On little side note though, that I’ve stumbled upon while reading OMAC project. The sneaky thing is this; If you get to OMAC project number 3, or actually the end of it, you discover that you can’t just start reading number 4, oh no! DC made sure that you would spend even more money because there is a sort of tie-in miniseries if you want to understand OMAC project #4. This tie-in/miniseries is called Sacrifice and Sacrifice starts in Superman number 219, part two is to be found in Action Comics #829, followed by Adventures of Superman #64 and to end this all; Wonder Woman #219. Now you are ready to continue the OMAC. (Too bad that it’s probably very hard to find those exact issues and besides that Wikipedia doesn’t have a summary on this either. But remember, every thing I tell you today is downloadable via Bittorrent).

Now we are almost there, the Infinite Crisis is only few comics away. Because although I thought after reading OMAC project that I was ready for Infinite Crisis #1, I was wrong! There are just 5 other issues of comics you need to read. It’s called Crisis of Conscience and it’s a story within the JLA comic. Although you do have to find 5 issues of the JLA, be glad full that Crisis of Conscience isn’t jumping from one comic series to the next (such as Sacrifice does). Okay so this all starts in JLA #115 and wraps up in JLA#119. Now it is finally time to start the actual Infinite Crisis!

Okay so I’m sure that I don’t need to help you with the actual Infinite Crisis miniseries… Just look up the minisiries, it’s 7 isseus and I’m sure you can also find a summary on Wikipedia, download it via whatever download method you desire and off course, no doubt about it, very soon there will be a trade paper back version off it.
But I do want to give you just a little bit more advice; Infinite Crisis issue 1 can give you an unfamiliar feeling, as if your not going to get the whole series. Relax! In Infinite Crisis #2 there is a whole lot of history telling that might be boring for the DC fans but is very helpful for us n00bies.

And then my final words; After Infinite Crisis you might be thinking about starting to read Superman, Wonder Woman and who knows what comic series your interested in. But be aware, when DC released Infinite Crisis #5 they made a big change in there regular comic series; they all skipped one year. So the Superman series, Batman, Green lantern and all those funny books are not, and I repeat not directly continuing where the Infinite Crisis ended. For the missing year, the year that does directly follow up the Infinite Crisis DC is launching a new series which is pretty intense.
It is called 52, and a new issue appears every week for a year long. They call it a real time comic. It should be a very good series and that for a year long! At the time I’m typing this DC released just 2 days ago week two of ‘52’. So enjoy and I hope I have helped you!

All issue I’ve read to dig the Infinite Crisis in chronicle order;
DC Countdown (Wikipedia)
OMAC project #1(Wikipedia)
OMAC project #2
OMAC project #3
Superman #219 (Sacrifice part 1 of 4)
Action Comics #829 (Sacrifice part 2 of 4)
Adventures of Superman #642 (Sacrifice part 3 of 4)
Wonder Woman #219 (Sacrifice part 4 of 4)
OMAC project #4
OMAC project #5
JLA #115 (Crisis of Conscience part 1 of 5)
JLA #116 (Crisis of Conscience part 2 of 5)
JLA #117 (Crisis of Conscience part 3 of 5)
JLA #118 (Crisis of Conscience part 4 of 5)
JLA #119 (Crisis of Conscience part 5 of 5)
Infinite Crisis #1
Infinite Crisis #2
Infinite Crisis #3
Infinite Crisis #4
Infinite Crisis #5
Infinite Crisis #6
Infinite Crisis #7
Continued by the series ‘52’

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