Starters guide to Bittorrent

Ok so I just love Bittorrent. It’s easy, (mostly) save, free and popular (which causes that everything you want, you can find as a torrent). But not everybody digs it, or gets it to work. So that’s why I’m (again) providing a little guide here. One thing I do ask of you is that you know the regular jargon, all the words that I will use when I guide you to the wonderful world of Bittorrent. So for a little terminology I direct you to this page!

A torrent?!
Okay, I will explain a little bit of technical info here. If you don’t know how Bittorrent works you probably will never really get the whole picture, and often get confused when your downloading stuff. So with Bittorrent you don’t just download the actual file you want. With programs like Kazaa and Limewire you do, for example when you search in Kazaa for the movie ‘Ice Age’ and you find it, then you are downloading the movie directly.
With Bittorrent you are going to search for torrents. Torrents are certain files which will, let’s say, give you access to the actual file. You first download a torrent which is never more then a few kilobytes and then you open that with a certain Bittorrent program and then you begin downloading the actual file you want (Mp3’s, movies, whatever!).
And one more bit of techinfo; when you download the actual file, you don’t download it from one person or place. The torrent is shared by seeds and peers. Seeds are those who have finished downloading 100% and are only uploading. Peers are the people who are also downloading but are sharing (uploading) the parts that they already have.
So let’s start the Guide!

First things first, you need a program, a so called client. With that you are going to open the torrents that you download, and download the actual files. Just like my Guide to Infinite Crisis I will guide you to the programs and places that work for me and will probably work for you as well. But don’t complain when it doesn’t I’m just speaking from my own experience.
Ok so the Client which is, in my opinion, the most efficient is called ‘uTorrent’ pronounced as micro torrent. It’s a stand alone program, which means that you don’t have to install it. It’s small and doesn’t suck up all your CPU. There’s also Azureus, Bitcommet and a whole lot of other stuff out there. They maybe have more features but most offend are also more complicated and they’re bigger programs which will suck up more CPU.
In the preferences, one of the most important things to set up is where to save the incomplete and complete downloaded files and how much torrents are allowed to be active at the same time
For a good, in-depth tutorial on ‘How to set up uTorrent preferences’ check this site.

Where to get Torrents?!

So where the fuck am I going to find those torrents you are constantly talking about?’ That’s the question I’m going to answer for you right now. Torrents are always hosted on certain sites called trackers. Just to name a few of them; Piratebay, Mininova, Seedler. But it would be inefficient to have to search all the different trackers out there to find what you need. So off course there are a lot of search engines that are specialized in torrents and searches all the trackers for you. Two off the most useful ones in my opinion are Torrentz and isohunt. Although I find isohunt a bit better. Torrentz only gives you results if your search term is in the name of the torrent. Isohunt also gives results if your search term is in the files that are in the torrent.

Closing Comments
Okay well that’s pretty much it I guess. Pretty simple huh? Ohw for a little bit more jargon; When you search for movies you will find mostly Xvid and Divx coded files. To be able to play those you need Xvid and/or Divx codec installed so just do a Google search for that and you will find plenty of codec install packs. And for a little bit more help on the search results in movies; Dvdrip are movies that contain good, or maybe even perfect quality, cams and alike often indicate that the movie is recorded in the movie theater so you don’t want to see that, really bad quality!

Okay well, have fun leeching and if you need any help you can always give me a call or mail me!

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