Textcasts.. RSS feeds anyone?!

So this Slate.com news site already has 2 podcast; The Explainer and the Daily Podcast.
Both are daily podcast, and I don't have a clue what they are about. That’s not the point. Slate.com is now presenting a Textcast.. 'A what?!'

Yeah so the deal is that Slate is offering a daily recapturing off the most important news items in text format. The way you receive it, is by the way only compatible with iPod and iTunes, is as a regular podcast. The difference is that the audio is 15 minutes of silence and you can find the actual text (your newspaper as you can call it I guess) in the description of the podcast.

It's a funny idea and I might even subscribe but that’s not the point. My problem with this is that Slate is presenting this as something entirely new; After Podcast, Vodcast now Textcast! But hellooo?! Don't we have Pod2go (For windows also) which with we can subscribe to all our desired news sites that has RSS feeds?!

It’s a funny idea but it's a big detour for something we all know for so long now; RSS feeds!

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