When I say Macbook you say w00t!

There's the new Macbooks released by Apple today! We already were familiar with the 15 or 17 inch Macbook Pro's. Shipping at $1999 you would get an 15 inch screen, 2.0 GHz, 80 gb hard drive, 512 MB working space, an iSight and what not.

But where was the 12 inch?! Well today Apple came with an answer; the Macbook 13 inch.
So what's up with it? Apple threw away the 'Pro' tag, it's available only in 13 inch, either black or white (black being automatically the more expensive version, and white the cheaper version).

White (cheap); 1.83 GHz, 60 gigs hard drive, 512 MB working space, writes only CD and iSight. Shipping at $1099
Black (expensive); 2.0 GHz, 80 gigs hard drive, 512 MB working space, writes also DVD and iSight. Shipping at $1499

My Opinion; for 1099 dollars you get a very slick Macbook, with perfect specs, so you can't write DVD’s... So what?! But one thing is a pity; the cheap one isn't black... Although if the cheap one would be black, Apple probably would be sued for ‘racism’:P

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