Photoshoot; ME ME ME!

I love taking pictures, and rest assured; Not only photos with me in the litteral 'picture'. But guess what? This photo shoot is so if you are brave enough, check it out!


Been a long time since my last post but don't worry. I was just entertaining myself, and off course refreshing the blog's appearance a bit as you can probably see. And now I will enlighten you about my entertaining entertainments!

Seeing Double
I'm enjoying the fuck out of my Nintendo DS lately. Since yesterday my Nintendo DS game collection consists of 17 games! My latest purchases are Brain Training, or better known in America as Brain Age, and New Super Mario Bros.
I absolutely love those 2. Brain Training is absolutely fabulous. Amazing how addictive calculating can be. And it really does help you to become 'smarter'. Very cool to keep track of your progress via the cool diagrams and graphics. Now I only have to do the ultimate test for this game; See if I can get my father to be hooked too!

New Super Mario Bros. Is totally different and although I said in the previous paragraph that I loved the game, it really is a mixed feeling. Before I purchased this new game from Nintendo, I off course read some reviews. And most of them were very positive and gave it 9.5 out of 10. But recently I read a little article that said that the game really didn't give such a unique or special feeling, but that it was more a tribute to previous classics such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. And I have to admit. Although I love the game, the way it is played, the environments and all of it... It indeed does not give such a special unique game feeling. I really don't know what to think/say of it. One thing is sure; It is absolutely not a bad game, but it might just not be so good as its prequels. Anyway just buy it, because it’s a very fun and beautiful game.

Comedy trio
I'm absolutely hooked to comedy's at the moment. And in particular comedy's with Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell or Owen Wilson, and most off the time, when one of those three are in a movies, the rest are too! Like Starksy and Hutch, Wedding Crashers, Old School. Very funny movies! Ohw another pretty fun movie to watch is Without a Paddle.
So just go to and search for movies with Mr. Vaughn, Wilson or Ferrell ;)

Do you Think I'm Craaaazzzzyyy?!
And of course I've discovered some new music that I have been enjoying.
First off all there Gnarls Barkley with St. Everywhere which is a very funky and cool album with tracks that make me think of Gorillaz with there album Demon Days.
But to get some more into my regular music taste; Rock!
Damn what a treat it has been, and it isn’t even Christmas. There’s the Zutons, Orson, Morningwood, Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and Motion City Soundtrack. I'M LOVIN IT!

So thats it for now. I'll try to post more regular in the future 'kay?
Ohw before you leave check because monday they will release V3, check out buddy's new blog thats looking slick; Rittap.
And last I found a page with ALL, and I really mean ALL episodes of South Park



Okay that was a very bad made up word right there in the title.

Anyway, I found this, for me, new website/podcast/webmagazine that I just totally fell in love with. It calls itself a online magazine that writes columns about mostly design. It's Japanese based but they write in English and also the Podcast is in English. They post some pretty geeky and cool stuff. I just can't repeat how much I love this site, the stuff the pick, the look of it, that they have a podcast.

It's just so nice. So if your a geek, design freak, somewhere in the middle... you know what? I think the fact that your on my blog right now is a pretty damn good reason for you to check out PingMag. And tell me what you think of it!

Nintendo says; TADA!

A very nice easter egg(?) or booby trap or how ever you want to call it.
Check the little clip over here!

Ubercool!; Led Throwies

Okay so I discovered this AWESOME new hype. It's like Graffiti 2.0, the 21st century graffiti. It's very simple to make; You need a little led, a 3 volt battery, some ducktape and a magnet. Just put it al together and spam it on any metal object where ever you want! The coolest thing are the Led Bomings you do with groups.

Check out some of the Led Boming and Led throwies clips over at Graffiti Research Lab, the mother of Led Throwies! There you will also find the movie that started it all, and for a how-to instruction check this site.

Now go out and do some Led terrorism!

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