Today was the first day for me that I really felt the summer sensation. It was absolutely amazing weather here in the Netherlands. No clouds, blue sky, hot sunshine. I had a great day swimming with some buddy’s and we had great fun! More SUMMAH TIME videos of mine you can find on my new movie blog.

On the 14th of august I’m going on vacation with my folks to some foreign country. We haven’t desided yet which country but one thing I do know is that I really need some entertainment for the trip, and when I’m lying on the beach. So here is my must have’s for this summer’s entertainment;

1. iPod Video
loaded with all 307 (and counting) Keith and the Girl shows, a season of your favorite TV serie and one or more movies.

2. A Book. A logical chose for entertainment when your on vacation I think. A book tip for the geeks; jPod from Douglas Coupland, Harry Potter (but come on, If you still haven’t read them all you should be ashamed of yourself), Dan Brown. Just to name a few

3. Nintendo DS (lite)
packed with at least New Super Mario Bros. and Brain Age (aka Brain Training). Why not PSP? Well you already have an audio and video player (iPod) and in my opinion the PSP is too expensive for the little choice of good games there’s available for it.

4. Not really entertainment but very fun to do and also pretty popular; record some video’s of your vacation time and put them online. And to be able to do that you really need a… That’s right, a Video Camera; so buy a digital video camera if you have the money or be sure you have a camera phone which is able to record video.

5. Comics.
Not everybody enjoys them but if you do or if you want too start reading comics then pick up on the Civil War event from Marvel, or search up the happenings of the ‘Infinite Crisis’ from DC and them buy the ‘52’ comics that releases a new one each week for a year (1 year = 52 weeks; 52! Get it!) and is the direct follow up of the infinite crisis.

That was my top 5 of SUMMAH TIME must haves. Enjoy your summer!

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